Are you a local business who sends direct mail targeting specific neighborhoods? Or Entire  Zip codes? Then Every Door Direct Mail is perfect for your needs. With EDDM, reaching the audience that matters the most to you has become easier than ever and is very cost-effective. Now you can tell an entire neighborhood what your business has to offer without mailing lists, postage permits, and the associated fees. EDDM has been increasingly popular since its arrival. Do you want to send a national campaign? Or target just one neighborhood? We can help. Call us today and ask for your free EDDM packageWhat is EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail?
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a new cost effective program initiated by USPS for businesses. It is a Direct Mail solution in which a campaign can be delivered to every door in the neighborhood(s) of choice with the every day mail, eliminating expenses and processes like mailing lists and ink-jetting.

Why choose us for your EDDM campaign?

  • In business since 1992
  • Prices start at 14.5 cents/piece
  • High quality with quick turnaround
  • Experts in the industry
  • Hassle- free

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What is EDDM-Retail?
EDDM Retailis an EDDM program mostly chosen by local businesses. With this option, up to 5000 pieces of mail can be sent per day.

Why choose EDDM for your next marketing campaign?

  1. No mailing lists needed for Every Door Direct Mail. Traditionally, to send out a direct mail campaign, you need to purchase mailing lists. With EDDM, this is not required. You just pick a mailing route and it will be delivered to every door in that route
  2. No postage permit required for EDDM. With Direct Mail, you need a permit which can cost as much as $370 just to open your account. With EDDM Retail, no postage permit is required, so you save that expense
  3. Effective reach with EDDM.  You can target just certain neighborhoods or an entire zip code or an entire city with EDDM. Every household/business in the selected location will receive your package
  4. Flexibility in size. EDDM offers a flexible range in sizes for your mailing piece. So you can send a large postcard to a complete catalogue as long as it fits a “commercial flat” size requirements. There are minimum size limits imposed by the post office on EDDM mail.
  5. A cost-effective direct mail solution. When you eliminate processes and expenses like mailing lists, EDDM Retail can be very cost effective. You can deliver mailing pieces with postage costs as low as 14.5 cents per piece.

EDDM options at Printersmark Richmond, Virginia

  • EDDM Consultancy – We can print your marketing material. Check out our state of the art printing services. You prepare the mail. We can assist you and provide you with all the information required
  • Preparation Services – We can prepare all of your paperwork for you and bundle the mailing per post office guidelines. Once prepared, we ship the cards to you. All you have to do it take it to the appropriate Post Office
  • Print, Prepare and Ship – We can ship packages directly to the post office at your request.

Some frequently asked questions about Every Door Direct Mail

What is Every Door Direct Mail? Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a new program by the USPS that allows retail businesses to mail at 14.5 cents per mail piece. Not only can you mail oversized postcards, but you can also mail catalogs, brochures, or anything that meets “commercial flat” size requirements. The post office is considering allowing some non-commercial flat size pieces for EDDM mailings. Please check with us for more information.

What size does a commercial flat need to be? A “commercial flat” needs to be more than 6.125″ tall OR longer than 11.5”. It may also be thicker than 1/4 of an inch. The largest size the mail piece can be is 12″x15”.

Who can I mail to? With Every Door Direct Mail you can mail to all homes and businesses in a mailing route. Each zip code is comprised of many different routes. Each of these routes contains on average  400-800 homes and businesses.

Can I target the homes that I want to deliver to? You can omit businesses from your mailing, however one of the core requirements of EDDM is that you have to mail to all homes in the route. You do have the opportunity to exclude certain addresses, such as competitors, customers, or people you know that do not wish to receive your marketing messages. You can exclude the addresses via the facing slip in the provided paperwork.

What if I want to exclude business addresses?  USPS will let you choose only residential routes, it is important to change your endorsement to “Local Residential Customer” on your mail piece. This way, the carrier will know you want to omit businesses from your mailing.

What is the minimum or maximum we can mail? If you are mailing through Every Door Direct Mail “Retail” you can mail as little as 200 pieces and as many as 5000 in one day per postal facility. If you need to mail more, please contact us and we will assist you.

Can I print the cards on my home printer? No we don’t recommend that you try to print these on your home printer because the paper stock required is too thick. Additionally the cost of toner is very expensive, and the quality will not be comparable to those printed by a commercial printing company. Give us a call to learn more how this exciting new marketing tool  can work for you and fit within your budget.


We are experts in the industry and Every Door Direct Mail program – Please feel free to give us a call immediately at 1.804.288.4455. We are excited about this program and look forward to seeing businesses everywhere grow through using this exciting new direct mail tool.